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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Selena Gomez Inspired Looks ( cropped denim, long duster coats )

Hey Guys, I'm so excited to finally get back into doing what where and still are my favorite type of posts to do ... Celebrity Inspired Posts plus videos to go with them too :D If you guys might already know I usually base my looks around items already found in my closet or where I only need a few items to complete the looks. First up is Selena Gomez because her style is definitely one of the ones that is so me minimal but classy all the 3 looks I did on her I basically used the same pair of jeans and there was actually a few more I totally missed but this is just the first of many hopefully. I actually wanted to do 5- 6 looks but I only did 3 this time around.  Lets see how many I do for the next celebrity. :)  Hope you guys like it ... shop similar looks below. 
Holaaaa, estoy super emocionada de porfin empezar a hacer mi favorito tipo de posts... los que son inspirados en mis artistas preferidas y ahora incluyendo video también. :D Por si no lo sabían usualmente mis looks los baso en outfits donde yo ya tengo cosas parecidas en mi closet o donde me falten pocas cosas para conseguirlo. La primera es en Selena Gomez ya que su estilo es muy parecido al mío básica pero classy, todos los 3 outfits fueros usando los mismos pantalones y habían mas que se me pasaron pero espero que este sea el primero de muchos. Quería hacer 5 - 6 outfits pero solamente hice 3 esta vez . Vamos a ver como me va con la próxima artista. :) Espero que les guste... pueden comprar cosas similares abajo.



Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Yellow Rain Coat!

Hola a partir de hoy quiero empezar a usar mas el español para lo que es mi youtube y blog ... bueno tipo spanglish ya que soy mas yo así. Este look es como de una semana atraz pero no lo habia subido solo porque me la eh pasado grabando, editando y subiendo videos a mi canal de youtube. Para este outfit les tengo un Video Vlog también así pueden ver un poco de mi día. Todos los links de mi outfit están abajo y las fotitos arriba son links también :) Estoy enamorada de esta rain coat que conseguí en Target una talla mas grande de lo deseado pero no la pude dejar! 


Outfit Details
Yellow Raincoat -
White Dress -
Laced up Heels -

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

two of a kind

Hey guys, I've been such a bad blogger lately ... this look is long over due and to be honest I haven't shot any new looks this past week or two. I will try to step up my game because I really do miss shooting and putting together new looks for the blog. Here is another look I shot with my friend Dani from shooting with her is so much fun.  

Friday, April 8, 2016

Como la Flor...

Hey guys, this post is something so special and a dream come true well half of it, we were passing by Corpus Christy and of course the first thing that came to mind was call my mom lol. YES, call my mom to tell her that I was passing by Corpus and that I needed to stop and do a Selena Tour, unfortunately we got there 2 hours after they closed the museum :( Since that happened I told Daniel that I would rather wait to do all I wanted to do on my list but we did visit the monument walked around for a while ... although its been 21 years from her passing there was moments where so many people would gather up. I can't wait to come back, hopefully with my mom since its one of her dreams too!

Monday, April 4, 2016


Hey guys, my birthday was on April 2nd I wanted a cute photoshoot all dolled up but I honestly forgot to check the weather before heading out to Cleveland Ohio and all the outfits I took were shorts, a cute dress and it was snowing. My vlog I filmed in spanish so if I celebrate it this upcoming weekend with something I wanted to do I'll do that vlog in english. If not and you guys are bilingual I hope you enjoy this vlog. :) Cleveland surprised me with its beauty and how everything was filled with antiques and british inspired spots. 

BTW I'm thinking about posting 3 times a week on youtube... 2 in english and 1 in spanish. :) 
might need to get into a schedule so you guys can know when since I really enjoy doing both. 

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